3 Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Principles to Understand Before Hiring a Production Team

Turnkey contract manufacturing is a process that offers a full-service option to the already popular contract manufacturing model, giving businesses the ability to outsource multiple pieces, or the entirety of a project, to a selected manufacturing partner, including crucial design or prototyping tasks.

The benefits of turnkey contract manufacturing include alleviating the time and cost strains of a large in-house project. A contract partner has the experience and staffing on hand to apply lessons learned immediately to your project. Their resources reduce risks while enhancing support options, ultimately delivering products faster to end-users. But before you hire a production partner, it’s helpful to understand three fundamental principles that form the foundation of turnkey contract manufacturing.

Core Principle 1: Project Tasks Must Be Borderless and Synchronized

Illustration of turnkey contract manufacturing fitting a project.

Collaboration should be central to a relationship with a chosen contract manufacturing partner. While turnkey is inherently a full-service operation, communication is essential to any project’s success. When interviewing potential manufacturing partners, hone in on potential partners that also see collaboration as crucial and demonstrate that their values match yours.

Establishing a solid and open communications process will reduce the time it takes to make collaborative design changes or respond to a changing marketplace. This intercommunication optimizes production cycles and encourages fluidity and accountability in all parties involved in the project. Emphasizing collaboration with a manufacturing partner will streamline testing, prototyping, and production, reducing risks associated with misaligned expectations.

One essential quality in a turnkey manufacturing partner is their ability to provide a project model that integrates software design tools, testing prototypes, and other development tools that test and analyze results. The integration of these tools is ideally leveraged with rapid prototypes or 3D-design simulation models. The data from these results will be instrumental in making accurate determinations for needed feature enhancements and marketing strategies.

Core Principle 2: Add Project Agility Using Single Points of Contact

Maneuverability means that any manufacturing project must rapidly pivot with market conditions without sacrificing reliability or quality. A turnkey contract manufacturer can help build relationships with customers, leveraging feedback to nourish product success. 

An experienced turnkey contract manufacturer can help build a lean approach into your project design, minimizing the turnover time for implementing changes. Promoting project agility, from design to final distribution, requires seamless and focused contact points for managing customer feedback. By funneling all project communications through one point of contact, who then assigns the appropriate team members, companies fulfill requests efficiently. Organizing the process for managing customer feedback will improve response times and quality. 

Core Principle 3: Quality Controls Are Improved While Costs Are Reduced

Full-service should never mean sacrificing quality for convenience. The addition of an experienced turnkey contract manufacturer should set the bar higher for quality. Improved levels of communication throughout the project process, and the high level of design and production experience exhibited by the right partnership form a winning combination for establishing efficient quality controls.

The extra sets of experienced eyes on digital 3-D designs will ensure a product includes advanced quality controls during fabrication. That quality is founded on the ability to craft and test rapid prototypes and implement recommended corrections. Quality control teams and processes are built into turnkey services. A turnkey manufacturing partner’s industry experience provides resources and proven solutions that serve to bring your product to market with high confidence in quality.

Ensure Success By Using Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

A turnkey contract manufacturer will offer more than just production or distribution services; they will provide a complete array of services from design to quality control. Companies can select what services to use and when—ensuring success with supported communication and collaboration. Choosing a turnkey manufacturing partner that demonstrates the values discussed above will improve project agility, offer top-notch quality controls, and reduce development and support costs.

As a proven U.S.-based manufacturing partner, Pacific Research Laboratories provides turnkey contract manufacturing services no matter what stage your project is at. From design to distribution, our team of experts will deliver your product to its fullest potential. To learn more about our services, please visit our contact page or call (206) 408-7603.