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Industrial design engineering being applied during live production
  As meticulous as your design teams were during the development and testing of your product, there is still work to be done. Your production team will need to continue monitoring products during the manufacturing process. This is where industrial design engineering can have its greatest impact—helping you to ensure the utmost quality and integrity for your product. Understanding How Industrial Design Engineering Works Although on the surface a broad term, industrial design engineering can be broken down into several
Illustration of one of the five key product design phases.
The term “design thinking” is commonly used to describe the product design process as one that takes multiple processes and streamlines them into a singularly run process. This provides a seamless flow of tasks and operations from end to end. There are several best-practice product design phases you must understand before you try to convert your vision into a physical product.
A team demonstrating value added engineering in action.
The use of proven designs and parts to solve issues encountered during the product development process can have a positive impact on costs, timelines, and functionality.
Demonstration of rapid prototyping manufacturing in action
Streamlining the product development process helps to quickly put new ideas into the hands of consumers, but testing remains a prohibitive limiter. The use of rapid prototyping manufacturing works to quicken the testing process and gives you the ability to improve its marketability and post-sales support.
A prototype being demonstrated as a part of product development steps.
Getting the product development steps you use correct from the start is so crucial. These steps set the tone for the design and testing process and will be instrumental in driving your product to succeed in the marketplace.
Designers building custom manufacturing solutions.
Using a continuous improvement approach towards documenting everything going on within your project will streamline the steps required to take your product from the drawing board to the production line.
Manufacturing quality control in action.
Adding a manufacturing quality control plan to help guide your project toward a more successful conclusion requires you to develop an understanding of the underlying task that makes up an effective quality control strategy; one that leaves no stone unturned and a worry-free rollout once production begins.
Project team discussing a new product development strategy.
Though there are many lines of thought on how a new product development strategy should be constructed, it is beneficial to first consider the common challenges that can be encountered in a project’s lifespan. Below are some examples of how some common challenges can be tackled when building a new product development strategy.
Illustration of a typical medical product development lab.
The idea of medical product development will be the same as any other product on a fundamental level, but there are additional goals that need to be met to gain the necessary approvals for full-scale manufacturing and distribution to medical practitioners.
Illustration of turnkey contract manufacturing fitting a project.
Turnkey contract manufacturing is a process that offers a full-service option to the already popular contract manufacturing model, giving businesses the ability to outsource multiple pieces, or the entirety of a project, to a selected manufacturing partner, including crucial design or prototyping tasks.

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