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Image illustrating the contract Manufacturing definition
As with most things in life, even the simplest definitions can quickly branch out into complexities that threaten to trip you up. However, you can gain a firmer grasp on what contract manufacturing can provide for you by reviewing the answers to some commonly asked questions.
An agreement is made to reflect a contract manufacturing strategy.
You cannot build a contract manufacturing strategy without first knowing what forms of the process are available to your product. Each of these types will present its own pros and cons, and it is through the understanding of these that will enable you to make the most sufficient choice for your project. Determining the type of contract manufacturing you need also helps to narrow your search criteria, allowing for faster decision-making.
Example of rapid prototyping design in action
By developing an understanding through the review of the most common questions asked of manufacturing consultants, you will be in a better position to leverage rapid prototyping for your project initiatives.
Although 3D-printed prototypes do present design teams with a different array of benefits, there are many scenarios in which there is no substitution for quality, CNC-machined part. Not only can these be produced just as fast as 3D-printed parts, but CNC prototypes can have the same strength and quality as the anticipated full-production product.
graphing the product development life cycle
Compressing the product development life cycle will allow you to retain the top position with any release, but without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. There are several steps that must be followed in order to reduce the time it takes to get your idea through product development.
employees plot product development on whiteboard
The most important stages of product development apply to any product and encompass all aspects of the product creation process. Every manufacturing project must go through the same three core stages in order to move from thought to shelf. However, each of these brings along slightly different nuances that must be broken out in further detail to ensure that the product of your dreams will be a success in reality.
a new product manufacturing checklist
Simply walking up to a manufacturing company and handing them a CAD design is not going to be enough, but there are several solid steps that, when followed, can lead to successful production cycles.
Illustrated steps to learn how to get my invention manufactured
Instead of asking yourself, what do I need to do to get my invention manufactured, take a look at the few fundamental steps that will help guide you on your path.
manufacturing on floor
There is no shortage of lean manufacturing tips that can help you achieve more efficient operations. There is, however, a shortlist of these that stand out and enable manufacturers to create a strong lean manufacturing foundation.
measuring composite materials
The cutting-edge engineering processes that stem from the innovative blending of multiple materials and chemical compounds into the final product results in five significant advantages that give composites a permanent place in today’s manufacturing.

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