Case Studies

Case Studies

A new inventor or entrepreneur may have no idea where to start when it comes to product development and manufacturing. That’s no surprise, as even experienced individuals find themselves running into trouble. The best possible way to bring a product to market is to find a partner with a history of successful, industry-specific projects. With experience, that company is going to know the common issues that you will face in concept creation―and provide ways to work around problems before they start.

By making some of our successful case studies public, Pacific Research Labs hopes to show what is possible―even when someone has no experience at all with product development and manufacturing.


Manufacturing veterinary medical devices is undoubtedly a niche subject, making it challenging to find the right partner. Here is how we were able to take Susan Hansen’s unique CrittEar earplugs for dogs from concept to manufacturing.

RediStik for Texas Children’s Hospital®

Learn how Texas Children’s Hospital® worked with us to design and develop an innovative medical education technology that has had a lasting impact on the healthcare profession.

Blue Phantom

In many cases of medical device product development, time is a crucial factor. Learn how Blue Phantom worked with us to roll out a unique training model for COVID-19 in under a month.

Airway/Respiratory Containment (ARC) System for Texas Children’s Hospital®

Learn how Texas Children’s Hospital® collaborated with us in manufacturing medical equipment to project frontline workers during respiratory intubation.

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