About Sawbones

Sawbones has been the originators of “hands-on” workshop models, continues to be the leader in medical models for orthopaedic and medical education for over four decades. Dr. Fred Lippert was concerned that the orthopaedic resident training programs did not include enough hands-on training. Lippert’s vision was to have a plastic artificial bone that cut, drilled, and felt like real bone to be used to practice all the various procedures of orthopaedic surgery. With the aid of Dr. Lippert’s enthusiasm and guidance, the right combination of materials was formulated at PRL and SAWBONES was born.

Sawbones models have been specifically developed for use in motor skills exercises where a realistic artificial anatomical model is required for the “hands-on” teaching of surgical procedures. In addition to a product line of over 2000 models, we offer a complete range of services to enhance the world of medical education, product demonstration, and patient awareness. Customized products developed to your company’s specifications are available through Sawbones broad range of manufacturing capabilities.

The company, headquartered on Vashon Island, now has over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and provides Sawbones products to customers all over the world. In addition, we have a Sales Representatives in Europe and Inda – servicing all of our India-Middle East, Europe, and Africa customers.

Commercial Sales

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