Product Prototyping, Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Pacific Research Laboratories transforms your ideas into working prototypes for manufacturing. Our product engineering services include everything from expert product design to full-service contract manufacturing. We specialize in collaborative, client-centered product engineering solutions. Our team will work closely with you to vet ideas until we find the exact engineering fit for your needs. With our help, your concept will become a reality.

Pacific Research Labs’ Product Engineering Solutions

Whether you’re trying to figure out which materials to use for an innovative new design or you’re ready to start manufacturing your product right now, we can help. Pacific Research Labs provides full-cycle product development and small scale manufacturing services to clients in a variety of industries.

No matter where you are in the process—design, prototype, or production—our engineers will guide you through every step. We specialize in getting startups off the ground and helping entrepreneurs refine their products for the market. What can we help you with? To get your project started, take a look at our comprehensive product engineering services below.



We’ll help you conceive and design your idea into a marketable product.

Rapid prototyping


We rapidly prototype so you can fine-tune the details before your product hits the market.



Our engineers provide full-cycle product development services, including computer-aided design and testing.



Our team creates a comprehensive takeoff list that includes the best materials and tooling systems to build your design.



Once the product is set, we create final tooling to manufacture and ship your products to market.

The Tools and Methods We Use to Bring Products to Life

At Pacific Research Labs, we believe that it is not enough to have the most advanced software or tooling machinery on site. We also hire a highly skilled staff of engineers, machine operators, and other experts to use this technology to its fullest potential. One of our greatest assets is our dedicated and knowledgeable team. Our engineers—all locally-based in Vashon, Washington—use the latest technology and tools to build custom products with a strong design impact.

We have a myriad of design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities to get your idea to market, including:

Product Design and Development 

Quick-turn processes
Computer-aided design (CAD) drafting software
3D laser scanning 
Complex designs, including touch-screens, sensors, microprocessors, actuators, data acquisitions, circuit-boards, hydraulics, pneumatics, and machinery.
Expert material selection, including urethanes, silicones, glass and carbon fibers, thermoplastics, metals, and woods.


Rapid prototyping
Rapid tooling
3D printing 
CNC machining
Hand-built patterns and sculpting
Quality control tests

Manufacturing and Production  

Short run manufacturing 
CNC manufacturing
Assembly, packaging, and shipping
Solidworks for prismatic geometry creation
Sensable Technologies FreeForm for non-prismatic geometry creation
Rapidform for reverse engineering and NURBS surface modeling
Microscribe digitizing
MasterCAM for CNC programming

We Want to Collaborate with You

From idea to market, we skillfully guide our clients through the product development process. If you’re looking for the best product engineering solutions, look no further. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team of engineers on our website or call us at (206) 408-7603. Or, visit our other services pages to learn more about our innovative solutions.

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