From Idea to Market

Whether it's simple prismatic geometry creation or more complex freeform surfacing for organic shapes, Pacific Research Laboratories has the skill and tools to transform your ideas into working prototypes for manufacturing. Our workshop is equipped with a variety of computer-controlled machining equipment that can be used to make one-off prototypes, small production runs, or the necessary tooling to for larger production runs.

Product Development
and Design

We work with you to concept, design and develop your idea into a marketable product.

Prototype / Master Pattern
/ Tooling

Our team can iterate through a set of ideas until we find the exact fit you need

/ Engineering

We offer a full design and engineering team with the latest technologies and are ready to get to work on your next project.


We have a myriad of design, engineering capabilities to get your idea to market


We work with you to concept, design and develop your idea into a marketable product.

  • Engineering staff with combined experience of 80+ years
  • Extensive experience in quick-turn projects
  • Materials include urethanes, silicones, epoxies, glass/carbon fibers, thermoplastics, metals and woods
  • Electronics include touch-screens, sensors, microprocessors, actuators, data acquisitions, circuit-board design
  • Hydraulics, pneumatics, machine design


Sometime you have to see it to fully understand your idea. We rapidly prototype so you can fine tune the details before it hits your customer's hands.

  • Dimension 3D printer, running high-strength ABS.
  • CNC large 3-axis routers.
  • CNC large 4-axis machining centers.
  • CNC turning center.
  • Staff model makers for hand-built patterns and sculpting.
  • Urethane, silicone, mass cast epoxy, high-temp epoxy laminate, gelcoat/urethane foam and machine aluminum tooling.


Once the product is set, we create final tooling and manufacture and ship your new products to market.

  • Solidworks for prismatic geometry creation.
  • Rapidform for reverse engineering and NURBS surface modeling.
  • 3D laser scanning and Microscribe digitizing.
  • MasterCAM for CNC programming.
  • Sensable Technologies FreeForm for non-prismatic geometry creation.
10000 customers
40 Years experience
500 projects in progress