Best 3D Laser Scanning Services & Technologies Company

Best 3D Laser Scanning Services & Technologies Company

3D laser scanning is—at its core—about turning a physical item into data. By bouncing a laser off the surface of an object, a software program captures the exact dimensions of even the most geometrically complex objects. The collected data is then compiled and used to create an extremely detailed, three-dimensional digital representation of the item. This process has a virtually endless catalog of applications, though one of its most promising uses is in product development.

With 3D scanning, you can create better products, reverse engineer complex models, and support rapid prototyping. This is one of the many tools we use to help our clients bring their unique product ideas to market. By perfecting a design in the digital space, we can create a cost-effective product for the physical one.

Applications of PRL’s 3D Laser Scanning Services & Technology

3D scanning isn’t necessary for all projects, but when objects are geometrically complex, it’s invaluable. In the manufacturing industry, 3D scanning has many uses, but they mostly fall into one of three basic categories: product development, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping.

Product Development

3D scanning can lay the groundwork for computer-aided design (CAD) programs for developing and perfecting products.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is simplified as 3D scanning allows engineers to thoroughly examine an object without the need to disassemble it—or even touch it at all.

Rapid Prototyping

Coming up with a prototype is made simpler when 3D scanning simplifies the process of acquiring the dimensions of models and free form shapes.

Our engineers use 3D scanning, powerful software, and other tools to create detailed designs that lay the groundwork for any new creation. With it, we can perfect products before materials are used, minimizing waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Working with PRL for Streamlined Product Design

Pacific Research Laboratories works with innovators in a wide range of industries to create unique product designs using 3D scanning technology. When you’re ready to take that product to the next stage, whether it’s prototyping, testing, or taking it to market, we can handle that with industry-leading expertise and efficiency. To learn more about how we can improve your design process, Contact us online or call (206) 408-7603.

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