Low Volume Contract Manufacturing Services

Low Volume Contract Manufacturing Services

First impressions matter.

To capture your customers’ attention, your products have to be exceptionally high in quality and quick to market. Our low volume contract manufacturing services help you achieve both of these goals.

What Are Contract Manufacturing Services?

When you hire Pacific Research Labs for our contract manufacturing services, we take over the entire manufacturing and assembly process from start to finish. We will:

Design and build custom equipment and machining to craft each part

Perform quality control tests

Assemble and package your product for shipment

Why You Should Use Low Volume Contract Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing is a small production run between about 50 and 5,000 parts.

This type of manufacturing is one of the best ways to speed up your time to market without compromising the quality of your product. Here’s how low volume manufacturing stacks up against high volume manufacturing:

Do You Need Low Volume Manufacturing?

PRL offers the best low-volume manufacturing, regardless of industry. Our low volume contract manufacturing services are ideal for many industries, especially:


In the telecommunications industry, companies often only need to manufacture a few high quality parts at a time. Pacific Research Labs uses precise machining and quality control methods to create complex components like waveguide filters, high-performance antennas, and other small satellite parts.


From marine life tracking devices to sensors and precise measurement instruments, oceanographers rely on high quality equipment for their research. We use advanced computer-aided design (CAD) to create custom components and instruments specifically for each research project.


From circuit boards and microprocessors to touch screens and sensors, our team has years of experience designing and manufacturing electronic parts at low volumes. Because we focus on smaller production runs, we can create very complex electronic components for our clients.


Pacific Research Labs has a long history of designing and manufacturing top-quality healthcare products, including Sawbones. From educational tools used at the top medical universities in the country to professional healthcare tools used by physicians in the real world, we can help you design and build exceptional medical products at a low volume.

And these are just a few of the industries that benefit from hiring an experienced contract manufacturer to build parts at a low volume. At Pacific Research Labs, we specialize in custom machining, so we will design the very best tools for your specific product, industry, and customer base.

Get Your Product to Market—Fast

The global market is more competitive than ever. The longer you wait to get your product out there, the more likely a competitor will swoop in and take the lion’s share of the profit. With our low volume contract manufacturing services, you can get your product to customers in as little as a few weeks or months.

And, if you need to manufacture more parts in the future, we’ll help you with the entire process. You can start out with a low volume run and eventually scale up to larger production runs as demand for your products increases.

Take the Next Step

To get started, connect with our team of skilled engineers today. We’ll work closely with you on your product design and create a custom contract that addresses all of your manufacturing needs. Contact us anytime or call us at (206) 408-7603.

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