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Top Product Development Services in The USA
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Full cycle product development services in the USA are getting harder and harder to find. Many companies take their business overseas or put the brunt of the labor on their own in-house teams. The US-based companies that do offer services to individual entrepreneurs may rush the process and outsource many crucial steps.

That doesn’t happen with Pacific Research Labs. We act as product development consultants for the entire journey, from the birth of your idea to its production. We offer support throughout the full product development process, including the ideation, design, creation, and management of your product idea. Our staff of experienced, intuitive engineers has successfully completed hundreds of projects in a variety of industries. With us, your project receives the time, expertise, and attention it deserves.

Why You Need US-based Product Development Consultants

Choosing product development services in the USA allows you to maintain control of the process and work closely with your consultant. In just about every area, our services are superior to any you’ll find overseas. 

  Overseas Development PRL’s Advantage
Expertise Expertise can vary widely with an overseas firm, meaning your project could be assigned to someone with little experience in the type of design you need. Our engineers have a wide variety of experience and a huge library of completed projects. They speak directly to you to understand your vision, and they work on the manufacturing floor to ensure seamless execution.
Communication  Offshoring can create communication barriers due to both time zone and language differences. It may be difficult to reach consultants to discuss changes, or they may miss important details in your design. PRL is hands-on from the get-go. We guide our clients through the computer modeling stage, into prototyping, all the way into early release models with constant updates.
Quality  Materials and design complexity may be lacking when dealing with product development consultants who work on a volume basis. Often, what’s simplest wins out over what’s best to speed the process. PRL thrives when it comes to developing unique designs in a variety of materials. We’ve created everything from large molded fiber glass for cell-tower coverings, to small, complex designs like earplugs for pets.
Timing It can be difficult to predict a timeline due to the limited control you have over the process with an overseas firm. Communication gaps, higher priorities, errors and customs delays can all stretch out the time it takes to get a new product through to production. Constant communication and diverse expertise allow us to rapidly bring products to market. Some projects have been completed in as little as two weeks, and we rarely take longer than six. If there are delays, there are no surprises as you’re informed every step of the way.
Confidentiality With an overseas firm, you have limited control. You may not be able to monitor who has access to your company’s private information, nor what they do with it when they have it. Confidentiality is key in the industries we work in, so protection of your proprietary information is a top priority. We make trust a cornerstone of our business.

Get the Best Product Development Services in the USA

Pacific Research Laboratories offers the top product development services in the USA. We allow you to control the process and provide expert guidance for every step along the way. For more information about working with us, contact us online or call (206) 408-7603.

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