Custom Product Fabrication Company in Seattle, WA

Custom Product Fabrication

Unique products require unique fabrication solutions.

Pacific Research Laboratories is a full-service custom product fabrication company that builds top quality products based on our customers’ innovative designs.

No design is too complex for our experienced fabrication team. We help Seattle, WA area businesses and entrepreneurs fabricate products that have the potential to disrupt industries and make a meaningful impact on the world. Using the highest quality raw materials and tooling, we handcraft products with precision and care. Get in touch with us today to fabricate your next big idea.

Custom Product Fabricators Understand Your Vision

Our team of local Pacific Northwest engineers and fabricators take a holistic approach to each project. We listen carefully to your design ideas and select the right tools, raw materials, and fabrication specifications to make your ideas a reality. Here’s what our fabrication process looks like from start to finish:

We collaborate with you on the product design and refine it for fabrication.

You’ll receive a detailed takeoff list and custom fabrication quote based on your design.

Our team expertly builds your design from the best source materials and precision tooling systems.

Because our fabrication company is based in Vashon, WA, we give our local customers the opportunity to meet with us directly at our office and shop floor. Our team values your ideas and input and are happy to work closely with you throughout this process.

Why You Should Go Custom

The most innovative and disruptive designs often require custom parts and materials that you can’t find at a stock fabrication plant. You need a local fabrication company that will work with you to find the best solutions for your product and your product alone.

Here’s how Pacific Research Laboratories’ custom product fabricators stack up against stock fabricating companies:

Custom Product Fabricators


Stock Fabricating Companies

Made to order by skilled engineers and product fabricators


Prefabricated in advance and in large quantities

You can create components that are compatible with your entire product line


Some prefab components may not be compatible with all of your products

Fabricators engineer components to withstand application stress


Components can break under application stress if they’re not specifically designed for that use

For many entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners, stock fabrication just doesn’t cut it. With stock fabrication, you have very little control over the process after you’ve ordered the components. This can lead to costly problems down the line.

When you work with custom product fabricators, you’re in the driver’s seat. Our knowledgeable fabrication experts will make sure that the design and materials are ideal for your product and market, but we encourage you to collaborate with us on this process and feel as if you’re truly part of the team.

We’re A Local Fabrication Company Built on Trust and Teamwork

Pacific Research Laboratory’s dedication to local Seattle entrepreneurs and businesses is what sets our fabrication company apart. While we work with inventors and industries around the country, we’re proud to support our homegrown customers in the Puget Sound community.

What are the benefits of working with a local Pacific Northwest fabrication company? We can offer you clear communication, transparency, and trust. Our Vashon, WA offices are just a short trip away from the Seattle metropolitan area and we welcome you to visit anytime. We’re happy to meet with you in the shop or travel to your location to communicate one-on-one about your project.

Seeing local Washington businesses succeed is the highlight of our work. Let us design and build a custom solution that is perfectly in-tune with your vision, objectives, and market.

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Are you ready to fabricate your design? We’re here to answer all of your questions. Get in touch with our skilled team of engineers on our website or call us at (206) 408-7603.

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