Short Run Manufacturing

Short Run Manufacturing & Production Services in Seattle, WA

Pacific Research Labs truly understands the value of well-executed short run manufacturing. For us, short run production isn’t just a less expensive alternative to mass production—it’s an absolutely essential manufacturing service that demands a high level of expertise and skill. Don’t entrust your product ideas to just any contract manufacturer. Partner with an experienced local specialist that is as passionate as you are about your products. 

Short Run Manufacturing is Our Expertise

What sets our short run manufacturing services apart from the competition? We treat small scale production with the respect and care it deserves. For more than 40 years, we’ve perfected this service by:

Working Closely with Clients to Refine Their Designs

Our team of engineers has years of experience designing products for manufacturing. Whether you’re creating complex telecommunications equipment or intricate components for medical devices, we’re up to any engineering challenge. We’ll identify the best materials and design for your product to speed up production time and reduce waste. 

Using State-of-the-Art Short Run Production Tools

Pacific Research Labs’ warehouse in Vashon, WA houses some of the most advanced short run manufacturing equipment in the state. We offer custom precision machining, including a full CNC machining center that can produce a small number of uniform products very quickly. We also use sophisticated 3D printers for small scale production. 

Offering End-to-End Manufacturing Services

We understand that short run manufacturing involves more than just churning out a few thousand components at a time. Pacific Research Labs also considers factors like assembly, packaging, shipping, and future manufacturing needs. We take a holistic approach to production and are heavily involved in every stage of the manufacturing process. Our job isn’t finished until your product safely reaches your customers. 

We Make Manufacturing Simple

If you need short run manufacturing in Seattle, WA, Pacific Research Labs is your best option. We handle all of the complex problem-solving so you can relax and enjoy the results. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

  • Our team helps you transition seamlessly from design to prototype to production.
  • We don’t require a minimum order—we’ll produce as many parts as you’d like.
  • We offer ballpark manufacturing estimates to keep costs transparent.
  • Our engineers specialize in designing for ambitious industries, including telecommunications, oceanography, healthcare, and electronics.
  • We welcome a challenge and will customize our manufacturing process around your specific design.
  • We keep confidential records of your manufacturing process so you can get additional products to market fast.

Let’s Get Started

When we work with clients, we fully align our goals with theirs. As a local employee-run company, we are passionate about supporting fellow Seattle, WA businesses. Your successes strengthen our community and make the Pacific Northwest proud.

Are you ready to get your idea out there? Get in touch with us on our website or call us at (206) 408-7603.

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