Taking the Best Small Business Startup Idea to Market

Taking the Best Small Business Startup Idea to Market

Not everyone who has a startup idea has the dedication to bring their product to market. At Pacific Research Laboratories, we help a wide range of creators across industries. When we work with a well-qualified small business startup, we’re able to help them make their dreams a reality.

Of course, a big part of getting that idea off the ground is knowing when to seek a partner. While it is possible to work with a manufacturer early in the product development stage, you need to have some groundwork laid to ensure you have the budget and plan to take you through. When you have the proper steps in place, Pacific Research Laboratories can be the perfect manufacturer to help you launch a startup idea.  

Going from Startup Idea to Market

Knowing when to seek out a partner will depend on the product development stage you’ve reached. It’s helpful to break the steps down into five key areas.

1. Define

2. Research

3. Prototype

4. Test

5. Launch

At this stage, the product idea is just coming to life. The creator envisions it as a response to a problem. They are not yet ready to work with a partner, as the concept hasn’t been proven as one which is possible. Here, the creator completes due diligence to ensure they have a unique, desirable idea with a viable concept. While a manufacturer may answer questions, it’s still too early to partner. Working with an engineer, the creator completes an initial product design to prove their concept and gain investor interest. They will need a clear business plan, budget, and market strategy at this stage. This stage refines the establishment of the prototype and process. The concept testing stage works out any kinks before manufacturing so that the creators don’t build an unsafe or inefficient concept. The product is manufactured and released to the public. Much of this step will involve marketing, but collaborating with suppliers, distributors, and retailers will also take a prominent role.

It’s important to note these are just the startup product development steps and not the comprehensive instructions for starting a business. That will be one of the first things you need to do if you want to create a product, as you need an organizational infrastructure that can meet the various requirements to support a production company.  

How We Help the Small Business Startup

When we work with a creator, we establish a collaborative relationship to ensure they get the most efficient method of manufacturing and design. Our engineers have worked in a wide range of industries to support just about all production processes like 3D printing, CNC machining, and custom model making. Here are just a few benefits of working with us:

Access: We offer a tour of our workshop to get hands-on experience and knowledge of our facilities. This personal touch is something that overseas mass outsourcing companies can’t provide.

Experience: Our engineers are well versed in a wide range of production methods and material uses. We can create custom solutions to support unique designs.

Investment: As an employee-owned firm, we are just as invested in the success of your product as you are. When your launch succeeds, we succeed.

Speed: Our extensive facility has all the machinery needed to create products and tools required in the manufacturing process.

All-inclusive: We can handle everything from the creation of the prototype to the first small production run. Our rapid prototyping options help you speed to market and stay involved in the process.

While we’re happy to work on a wide range of products, we can’t support every project. Typically, the best candidates for our services have:

A vetted concept:

An idea and a vetted concept are two different things entirely. An idea might not be theoretically possible. A vetted concept is one proven through research, sketches, and early design processes.

A mass-market appropriate design: 

We work best with clients developing products for the mass market in non-regulated, non-specialized industries. We’re unable to offer support for things like medical device implants, electronics, or software as these projects require the guidance of a specialist.

A business plan:

A clear business plan is necessary to manage the technical operations of your creation’s manufacturing. While we can provide the prototype and the initial manufacturing run, how you distribute, market, and budget is up to you.

A detailed budget: 

If you don’t have a financial plan in place, you could run out of funding before your concept ever reaches consumers. A detailed budget helps you plan for all the stages of product development.

A marketing plan: 

We’re unable to offer advice on product demand, so you should prepare a distribution strategy. You should clearly establish demand for your product and paths to get it in the hands of consumers.

Pacific Research Laboratory can help any small business startup bring their ideas to market if they have the above criteria in place. Our comprehensive services take you from prototyping to manufacturing and help you scale your operations. Your startup idea gets the personalized, detailed attention it deserves so you can increase your chance of success.  


Pacific Research Laboratories has helped many small business startups bring their concept to market with our collaborative process. To learn more about our solutions, visit our contact page or call (206) 408-7603.

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